Steve Pesce Sr. and Sal Vergopia have more than seven decades of combined experience in the transportation industry. They created BSP Business Venture to address the ever-changing challenges in the commercial collision, trucking, and consumer vehicle arenas.

Steve Pesce Sr.’s expertise is in trucking, warehousing, logistics, fleet utilization and truck maintenance. He has thirty-eight years of operating experience in this field and has received numerous awards and endorsements.

Sal Vergopia has more than forty-years experience in the consumer vehicle field, concentrating in dealerships and finance. In 1993 Sal and Steve established the first official Ford dealership in Moscow, Russia, which has grown into a billion-dollar entity. Sal was also instrumental in the establishment of companies that supported upscale livery vehicles employed by Uber.

Together, these two men have the ability, respect and experience in the transportation industry to continue to find out-of-the-box, cutting edge solutions to the issues this field faces in the twenty first century.

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